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the danger of kekuranga vitamin D and vitamin D Sources

Current research found, vitamin D deficiency was found in children who experience chronic kidney disease, a long-term illness that leads to kidney failure.

Based on the research, published in the Clinical Journal of the American Society of Nephrology (CJASN), almost two-thirds of children who experience a vitamin D deficiency also contracted a number of abnormalities that affect nefron or one part of the kidney.

Researchers found, most low vitamin D level occurs during winter compared to other times of the year. "The level of vitamin D is much influenced by seasonal factors, the type of disease, and nutritional supplements," said researchers from the University of Heidelberg Anke Doyon was quoted as saying by The Indian Express.

Vitamin D deficiency can also known to increase the risk of osteoporosis, cancer, cardiovascular diseases, and disorders of the immune system.

"The grant supplements need to be examined again and there needs to be more research in order to know the mechanism of supervising and overcome the deficiency of vitamin D for children who experience chronic kidney disease," said Doyon.

containing a lot of vitamin D

Sardines (480 IU/120% DV Vitamin D per 100 grams)

Sardine is a fish that is favored by many communities around the world. Oily fish of this size are generally relatively small. Sardines in regular canned packed in Indonesia before it is distributed. Sardines full of vitamins and minerals.

According to Wikipedia, 13% need vitamin B, 25 percent need vitamin B3, and 150% kebuthuan vitamin B12 can be obtained from human sardines. Sardines store calcium, iron, selenium, sodium, and phosphorus when it is consumed to the bones are soft.

Salmon (624 IU/156% Vitamin D per 100 grams)

Pink salmon into a fish that is quite popular and widely consumed by secondary circles to the top. It tastes delicious and typical texture to be one of the reasons why this fish is always the hunted. However it turns out, does just that. Many people flocked save salmon in the refrigerator because it gives him a lot of nutrition to health.

Kan Halibut (600 IU/150% DV Vitamin D per 100 grams)

Halibut fish or fish next to the flat-shaped fish that is does it weigh reach 200 kg, huge. This fish has a uniqueness in foraging for food on the sea floor, immerse yourself and look at the situation in the neighborhood out of place ' hiding '. When the prey is tender, sontaklah her eat it.

Original soy milk (47.0 IU/12% DV Vitamin D per 100 grams)

Soy milk being an alternative for the body that is sensitive to lactose. Different soy milk with milk cows, because soy milk is made from an extract of soy beans are blended with water, then squeezed and ripening.

White mushrooms (18.0 IU/5% DV Vitamin D per 100 grams)

White mushrooms or mushroom snow has a high nutritional value such as protein and various kinds of amino acids, minerals, as well as glycogen. There are about 17 different kinds of amino acids contained in mushrooms, white 75% could supply the needs of the human body obat Penyakit Dalam Tubuh

Eggs (188 IU/47% DV Vitamin D per 100 grams)

Not only a lot of protein contained in the eggs, but the vitamins A, B, D, E, and k. Konsumsilah about 2 eggs a day to increase the intake of vitamin and mineral deficiencies that diperulkan the body in order to keep fit.


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